Smart Solutions for Pharmacy’s Growth &
Patient Satisfaction

We are a health care performance improvement company that helps Community Pharmacies incorporate some of the latest and greatest gadgets and software programs to streamline operational revenue, improve customer service, cut costs, and help patients.

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Turn your pharmacy business into a perfectly oiled machine. Our automated refill reminder and notifications systems increase maintenance prescription revenue by 30% and medication adherence by 85%, bringing you more daily scripts and helping patients follow their care plans. Identify high value patients to improve your Star Ratings, reduce DIR fees and easily identify at risk claims for audits and attract more patients using dispensing data.

More Than Just

Support your community with new services that touch all aspects of a patient’s life. Offer comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 testing and at-home tests, Point-of-Care testing such as Flu A/B, COVID-19 Antigen and Antibody, vaccination plans or whether Training for your workforce with our HIPAA, CMS FWA, OSHA, Medical Ethics, Hazzard Communication Training, and many more.


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“We work with thousands of community pharmacies across the US in providing
services improve patients loyalty and in building unique services to help them
drive more business, retain patients, reduce DIR fees, engage and educate
patients and to improve profits.”

Custom Savings Card

Custom Medication Savings Card Tailored for community pharmacies. Supports ongoing revenue share plus access to intelligent dispensing data from your local market area to help grow your business.

Intelligent reports on Demand

Robust pharmacy software providing business intelligence data and analytical reporting to help grow and manage the pharmacy business, profitability and business growth.

SMS-Voice communication

2-way SMS, MMS, Voice and Fax, Educates, informs, and reminds patients in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Enrolling patients in a Medicare Part right at the pharmacy to help reduce DIR.

Home Delivery ecommerce

Custom eCommerce , Home delivery Platform to reduce delivery costs and improve your last mile logistics and to help you compete with similar online services for the same day .

TeleMedicine 24/7

Helping patients access over 5,000 U.S. based physicians 24/7, from any mobile devices remotely. Enables all the pharmacies to provide a cost-effective health care plan for all their patients


Next-level drug diversion software solution that monitors the entire supply chain at your pharmacy. Protect your pharmacy business against DEA or regulatory oversight & audits.


Data and the intelligence that comes from data must become the central focus of your business – Generate actionable insight

We streamline HIPAA so you can focus on growing your business securely while protecting key health information

We know pharmacy business and we understand challenges you face daily expecting the most cost-effective solutions for your pharmacy.

With our solutions you can generate monthly revenue to help improve profits and loyalty to your brand.

Your patients depend on your expertise to improve their health. We’ll provide you with all the right tools you need to improve compliance and outcomes.

PBM audits can be devastating to your business and can cost you thousands. We can show you how to mitigate risks and to provide you peace of mind.

DIR fees are costing pharmacies tens of thousands of dollars. Let us show you how to reduce DIR fees by helping your Medicare patients select a pharmacy friendly plan.

Pharmacy expenses are on the rise and profits are becoming harder to make. Improve efficiency with our programs designed for today’s pharmacy.

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Smart Solutions for Pharmacy’s Growth & Patient Satisfaction