How to start a Pharmacy Delivery Service


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How to start a Pharmacy Delivery Service?

Things to consider

Prescription sales is the bread and butter of your independent pharmacy business. They make up a majority of your sales. If you’re looking for ways to increase your script count, improve patient adherence and boost your bottom line, a prescription delivery service can help. Offering a prescription delivery service provides convenience for your elderly customers. It can also help market your business and increase patient compliance.

But, before you delve into a new business offering, you’ll want to make sure you have everything in place to create a profitable delivery service. Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

Long-term vision

Planning long term goals are crucial to the success of your business endeavor.

You’ll need to identify how a delivery service will benefit your pharmacy for years to come and think about what steps you’ll take to make it work. If your broader, more aspirational focus for your business is to address patient challenges, then a delivery service fits right in. But if you want to focus on adopting the latest technology and automation, maybe a delivery service isn’t what you should put your resources into. Regardless, home delivery of medication improves patient loyalty to your pharmacy, yet you can expand your market.

Analyze your Budget

Even though you likely have other goals for your delivery service, such as providing convenience for patients, ultimately, your delivery service has to help you improve revenue and profits. Prescription delivery service will also include operational costs, such as paying for car insurance, fuel and an employee or two to make the delivery. Be sure to look at your budget and use the latest technology to help you reduce the cost of the program. Latest technology such as DoorstepRx, powered by Workwave can help you reduce the cost by helping you schedule 20% more delivery and reduce the fuel cost by 30%.
 Do your research
 You’ve probably already done your research if you’ve decided to begin offering a prescription home delivery service. Continual research and development is key to helping you offer the best service possible, for patients and your bottom line.

For example, if the delivery service turns out to be a big hit, research will help you determine what you can do to offer an even better service. Maybe you’ll want to expand your delivery radius or offer delivery of over-the-counter products using the e-commerce platform offered by DoorstepRx.

Research takes time and patience. It may take a while before your service is up and running.

Get your team involved

It only takes one person to come up with a great idea, but it can take many for it to be a success.

Don’t forget to include your team when brainstorming for this new service. Get insight and suggestions from employees as to how you can make a prescription delivery service even more successful.

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