XPediCare Rx

You are the most trusted professional. Millions seek their pharmacist advice daily. XPedicare Rx* exclusively provided by PSGARx is a revolutionary new service that allows patients to get immediate care at your pharmacy that can directly benefit your pharmacy and remove barriers to care.

You can combine medical and prescriptions for one simple fee for conditions such as ED, LDN, Continuous BGM, Oral Contraceptives, Alopecia, Aging, UTI, Diabetes, Travel Meds, COVID-19, asthma, smoking cessations, PreP, EpiPen, cold sores, Acne, Allergies and even Compounded Medications.

Prescriptions will be sent to your secure portal to process for your patients.

Best of all if we cannot help the patient, there is absolutely NO charge.

Available only in Florida and Texas* – Schedule a Demo

Watch How it Works